Experience a Unique Cross-Cultural Exchange and Develop Life Lasting Friendships

Program Overview

Junior High School Students from Glendora and Moka have the opportunity to participate in an international exchange program. During these exchanges, students can expect to visit their sister school and observe classes, participate in local events, and stay with a host family where they can learn about a new culture. Students also get to practice their foreign language skills and make new friendships.

What is a Host Family?

A host family is one of the most crucial aspects of the student exchange program. They encourage and support their host student as they navigate their new environment. Furthermore, host families open up their homes and allow host students to join them in their daily lives. 


Host families and students should first prepare by talking with their family members to agree upon the decision to host an international student. Learning about their host student and culture is crucial when preparing for the exchange program. Many students will be traveling from their home country for the first time away from their families, so culture shock and language barriers are common. This is why cross-cultural training resources and foreign language phrasebooks or translator apps are very useful. 


Host Families are expected to provide their host student with:

Benefits of Student Exchange Programs 

Intercultural Skills

Students gain a new sense of independence by participating in a student exchange program where they can strengthen their foreign language capabilities and intercultural skills. Intercultural agility is essential in almost every workplace, and students who participate in this program gain an early start which will set them on a path to success.

International Network

Given the exchange program's long history, its alumni network is expansive and spans globally. Participants have pursued various career paths and continue to stay in touch with their host families and other program participants.