Glendora and Moka's 

Sister City Relationship

A Long-Lasting Friendship

The cities of Moka and Glendora first became acquainted when the Moka High School Alumni Band visited California in 1984 and met with the band director of Glendora High School, as well as the Glendora Chief of Police. Following this exchange, sister-city associations were formed in both Moka and Glendora in order to create a citizen delegation to support the formation of a sister-city relationship. After both cities had delegations visit one another's cities, the mayors of Moka and Glendora signed an official sister-city agreement on October 1, 1988.

Signing of Sister City Affiliation in 1988 (Photo Courtesy of Moka City Hall)

10th Anniversary of Sister City Relationship

Photo Courtesy of Moka City Hall

30th Anniversary of Sister City Relationship

Photo Courtesy of Moka City Hall

Sister School Relationships

In 1990, a sister school relationship was established between Goddard Middle School in Glendora and Moka Higashi Junior High School in Moka. Every year, both schools host a student exchange where students visit their sister school and stay with a host family. 

In 2006, Sandburg Middle School in Glendora formed a sister school relationship with Nakamura Junior High School in Moka and created a student exchange program identical to the one between Goddard Middle School and Moka Higashi Junior High School. 

These student exchange programs have helped students in Glendora grow their understanding of the world and provide them with the chance to make long-lasting friendships with students in Moka. This program is one of a kind and a testament to the Glendora Unified School District's commitment to providing educational enrichment opportunities for its students.

 Glendora's student exchange programs have only been paused several times throughout their history during events of severe crises, such as the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks in 2001, the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami, and the longest pause taking place during the COVID-19 Pandemic for three years. Now, all schools are eager to resume student exchanges starting in October 2023.

 For more information and updates, please refer to the Goddard Middle School and Sandburg Middle School websites linked below.