A Brief History

Moka is located in the southeastern part of Tochigi Prefecture and is rich with a natural environment including the Yamizo Mountains to the east and the large Kinu River flowing to the west.

Additionally, Moka is within 56 miles of Tokyo, and it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to Tokyo Station by the Tohoku Shinkansen.

Moka has played a central role in the politics, economy, and culture of the Haga region since ancient times, and during the Edo period, it was known throughout Japan as a special production area for Moka cotton.

In 1954, four towns and villages merged to form the city of Moka. In March 2009, Moka merged with the neighboring town of Ninomiya and took on its current form.

In Moka, you can find historic locations like the residence of Ninomiya Sontoku (Kinjirō) and Shinshutakadaha Honjisenshu Temple.


Moka is known as the largest strawberry producer in all of Japan and produces a variety of high-quality strawberry products.

Moka Station

Moka Station is famous for its historic steam-locomotive (SL) trains and the appearance of the station makes it look like one of its iconic SL trains.

Moka Cotton

The city of Moka has been famous for its cotton and cotton-weaving techniques for generations and many wealthy individuals during the Edo Period sought after Moka Cotton textiles.

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Moka's City Mascots


Moka-Pyon was created in 2015 and his childhood friend is Cotton-Berry. He has white skin like cotton and wears a strawberry-themed outfit. On his head is the famous Moka SL Train.


Cotton-Berry is Moka's first city mascot. She is designed after Moka's famous cotton and strawberries.

Nonoka Harusaki

Nonoka, also known as the Moka Strawberry Cheerleader, is the leader on Tochigi TV's anime show/manga. You can find her posters at popular locations like Moka Station.

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