A Brief History

Glendora is located in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California and resides alongside the San Gabriel Mountain foothills. This is why the city is known as the "Pride of the Foothills."

Major cities such as Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Anaheim are all easily accessible by car from Glendora. Popular attractions in the area are also accessible by the Los Angeles Metro Gold Line (A Line) train that runs through Glendora.

 The Shoshone Indian Tribe is the original steward of this area in the San Gabriel Valley, and the city of Glendora was first incorporated in 1911.

 In Glendora's early history during the early 20th century, citrus farming played a major role in the city's infrastructure. During its height of production, Glendora was the home of the world's largest citrus packing house and even delivered citrus to President William Howard Taft during his presidency via the Santa Fe Railroad. The modern-day sprinkler was also invented in Glendora by Orton Engelhart, and Rain Bird Sprinklers was established in the city. The cartoon Gumby and the band The Safaris also had their start in Glendora.

 Today Glendora is famous for its scenic nature and hiking trails, as well as the historic Route 66. Citrus College also plays an important role in the community and is one of the largest employers in the city. Other popular attractions in Glendora include Big Tree Park, Rubel Castle, and the Donut Man.


Glendora has recently become known for having the largest Bougainvillea in the United States!

Rubel Castle

Rubel Castle is a unique attraction that many people from the Los Angeles area visit.

Historical Society Museum

The Historical Society Museum is located in the original city hall of Glendora and has lots of historical artifacts that visitors can see. 

The Foothills

The San Gabriel Foothills are home to a plethora of wildlife. In addition to native plants, including oak trees and California poppies, many animals call the foothills home. These include bobcats, coyotes, bears, deer, rattlesnakes, and mountain lions. In Downtown Glendora, you can also occasionally spot wild peacocks roaming. Both the Foothills and South Hills in Glendora offer hiking trails that are enjoyable year-round.

Big Tree Park

This Moreton Bay Fig tree was planted in the 1880s and is nearly 100 feet tall. It is one of the largest trees of its kind in California.

Centennial Heritage Park

This park is located in the South Hills of Glendora and includes several historic buildings. There is also an annual festival held at the park that families can enjoy.

Event Calendar

Glendora's Most Popular Events

Glendora's Mascots

Scottie Dogs

Glendora's Scottie dog mascots regularly appear at high school football games and city parades. You can also often find souvenirs of Scottie dogs in local gift shops.

GHS Bagpipe Team

Glendora High School's marching band is one of the most recognizable in Southern California with its unique Royal-Stewart tartan uniforms. At every major event in Glendora, you are likely to see a bagpipe performance from a member of Glendora High School's bagpipe team.


Gumby is a well-known cartoon from the 1950s that was created in Glendora. He had his own successful tv show, and in recent years, there was a Gumby Festival in Glendora.