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Glendora Culture Fest - May 18

The GSCA was honored to be a part of Glendora's first-ever Glendora Culture Fest.

At our booth, we shared information about our sister cities and passed out prizes to attendees via our prize wheel. We also promoted resources from Japan House LA, CLAIR, and the Consulate General of Japan in LA for those interested in learning more about Japan and Japanese culture.

2023 Moka Visit to Glendora

Nakamura Junior High School visit to Sandburg Middle School

Remarks from Host Families and Students

"It was an amazing experience. I would recommend it to anyone who has the extra time and space in your home. I feel like we made a good friend across the globe and we’ll always have a special bond with that person. And the family as well even though we never officially met. It makes me want to visit Japan and have my kids experience their culture through this program too. "

"It was a life-learning experience. Never had I thought of doing this, but my daughter, being interested in school events, was intrigued by this, so we gave it a try. And this is just something that everyone should get the chance to experience." 

"It allowed me to see another culture and that even language barriers can’t stop people from learning and talking to each other."

"When our student arrived, we instantly connected even with the language barrier. I did not expect that he would become a member of our family that week not just a visitor."

Moka Higashi Junior High School visit to Goddard Middle School